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Our diverse and international team operates from several locations in the world. These are the City where we normally are working from: Tampa, Dallas, Miami, Panama (Republic of Panama) and Cordoba (Argentina)  However we have project in other cities and we are always traveling. 
Juan Luque - Creative Director
Valerie Schmidt - Business Development
Dylan Johns - App Development
Martin Bellido - Office Manager
Leo Bianchi - Branding
Axel Pessoto - 3D Manager
Andrea Agreda - Interior 3D
Ezequiel Berasategui - Exterior 3D
Monica Gonzalez - Marketing
Alvaro Psevoznik Web Development
Our Exclusive Clients
3DUS is committed to developing and promoting employees without discrimination. Embracing of our ethnic, cultural, gender and sexual orientation diversity has nurtured our employee family and allowed for tremendous personal growth within our team. Because of our diversity, we’re able to bring more perspectives to our projects. We are also proud to be LGBT-certified and continue to be advocates for businesses that represent diversity.
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