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Using mockups to present your projects

3DUS News   •   August 21, 2017

Juan Luque

Senior Creative Director. Helping the building & manufacturing industries by providing visualization, brand strategy and design solutions.

You may notice a trend on presenting designs on mockups that look so realistic that people may think they are looking at a picture of the print already.

Mockups are great tools to communicate your ideas; a good design looks better when is shown in action. Mockups help to sell ideas and to engage with those in your team or clients who do not have the ability to abstract and imagine how the design would work once it is printed.

Just like a 3D rendering of an architecture design, mockups are 3D images of products. Many are built using photos of white elements such as brochures, magazines or a business card and then added layers that represent the design. Others are 3D objects created for the same purpose.

In this case, we needed to show our client a quick concept for a new development in Panamá; we laid out the imagery previously created for them (3D renderings and 3D floor plans) some simple text copy and a 2D map done in Adobe Illustrator. After we had a simple design concept in 2 dimensions, we saved them as images and added to our white brochure mockup using Photoshop. In only a few hours we have a series of images that represented the printed brochure. As a result, we had a great reaction from our client, everybody understood the design idea, and it was a go.

For additional information on this project and details on the animation please contact us here with a comment or direct message.

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