Touch3D, Smart Real-estate Development Apps

3DUS News   •   April 18, 2017

3DUS has merged with Pelican Technologies to form touch3D®, a one-stop studio where you can have all your 3d visualizations created and integrated into easy to use, revolutionary apps.


Imagine you are building on an island, your clients are in a remote location, or you simply want an interactive tool that will allow your buyers to experience the entire project as if they were physically there. What if your buyers could experience this all with one touch in a format that was quick, reliable and always available. This sounds like a dream but thankfully with today’s technology and touch3D®, this is easily attainable.

Introducing touch3D® a new real estate suite of services and apps that will blow your mind.

touch3D® was born from the need of its customers. They wanted a tool to incorporate their renderings, animations, floor plans, specs, videos, and pictures in one place and to make it reliable and easy to navigate. They wanted an application that protects the high-quality of the media, works on mobile devices and doesn’t lag. From the beginning, touch3D® was able to deliver a solution that covers all those needs.

The touch3D® promise is to design a presentation and sales tool measured to the size of your project. By listening to your needs, they can prepare a proposal that will include all of your marketing materials such as 3d renderings, animations, virtual tours, floor plans, interior renderings, site maps, location map, as well as a storyboard showing how your app will work.

The team at touch3d® will work with you to make sure everything works in perfect harmony, with every piece in tune with the others. They will produce all the illustrations and animations and build one standalone application that works seamlessly with iPhone, iPad and multiple screens connected to an Apple computer. (An Android version will be released soon as well.)

“Our apps are used worldwide to sell real estate. Each of them is carefully designed and built to perfectly present the unique attributes of each development” Says project director Elvira Wright.

The aim of the software is to demonstrate detailed information of a development in a simplistic and intuitive way, incorporating interactivity with a 3D model. This tool will help your sale team and potential buyers to receive all the information they need even when they are traveling as this application doesn’t need wifi or cellular data service to work.

With  touch3D®, you can transform your sales center into a technology-driven bonanza, displaying the content on your personal devices and multiple large screens at the same time thereby creating an interactive and memorable experience.

The software allows you to show your project in every angle and scale starting with a city map showing the more important points of interest such as airports, commercial areas, parks, and schools. One single touch will allow you to fly into the development, showing essential elements such as available residences, green areas, social areas and other amenities. In case you have several phases or sections within your development project multiple tiers can be created. Once you select a building or subdivision you can pick your favorite residence or floor plan, visualize it in 3d in and out, sweep and zoom in each room, look at real views from each room window, and see dimensions and other specifications about the residence. You can swap between floors and compare the views and spaces of other units. Additionally, you can have videos and lifestyle images attached. In the end, you can create a digital brochure of your experience and email all the information for later review. This software is scalable and can grow with your development been easy to add new phases or towers.

There are a series of cool features and modules that can be added to each unique app. Here are a few:

One of the greatest benefits of working with touch3D® is the fact that you don’t need to hire three or four different companies to develop such sophisticated digital presentations. They do it all in-house and that convenience will be reflected in the efficiency and the cost as well. It doesn’t matter the scale of the project either as these software tools have been successfully designed for small and large residential development all the way up to international hotels and resorts.

The team members of touch3D® are experts in producing high-quality 3d visualization and they have been delivering unsurpassed results on worldwide projects since 2004. Now that they have added cutting-edge technology and some impressive interactive presentation experience to their offering, touch3D® has become the one-stop shop for anything you need to make your development look its best.

If you would like to learn more about the touch3D® line of products and services, please contact us.