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The Benefits of Photorealistic Renderings in Hospitality

3DUS News   •   December 14, 2022

Most of us, who are involved in the design and hospitality industry, know how beneficial visualizations are  during the design process. We live in a time where people have an educated eye for fine details and they all want to experience and connect with a space  before it becomes built. 

One of the benefits of Photorealistic high-quality renderings is how effectively communicate a project’s design and intention with the building and ownership team from the get-go.
Photorealistic renderings help sell a project during the planning stage, especially for large-scale projects, which usually require presentations to a large audience. In addition, the marketing team commonly uses this visual tool to have the property ready for launch, covering tradeshows, web development, and social media content.
Lastly, photorealistic renderings can also help to identify potential issues before construction begins. By examining the renderings in detail, the construction team can easily understand what needs to be accomplished and set expectations for colors, trims, and other design elements.

Case study: AC Hotel by Marriott International located at Bethesda, MD.

One project where the use of Photorealistic rendering proved to be especially beneficial was our work for AC Hotels by Marriott International. Our team was hired to create 3D renderings of the lobby, reception, bar, and other spaces at a new hotel that was set to open in Bethesda, MD in 2022. The interior design went through a series of changes over a year. We modeled challenging light fixtures and furniture that were specially designed for these spaces and were key pieces to compose its avant garde style. Our visualizations  were created to be as accurate and realistic as possible, with a high level of attention to detail.


Looking at these images is hard to distinguish photos  from renderings. The development group and the ownership of this property, worked closely with the interior architects and 3DUS to create these visualizations over a year of evolution and strategic  changes of the design, keeping all details and modifications in check.

In conclusion, photorealistic renderings are a way to bring the imagination of your creative team  to life and they definitely offer clear benefits; especially in the luxury hospitality industry where projects demand uniqueness and high quality as a priority. Our Team at 3DUS  has what it takes to engage in this particular type of project. As a proof of our expertise, we had the honor to collaborate  with AC Hotels and many other iconic luxury hospitality flags in the US and the world.