Understanding the Latin American Online Consumer

3DUS News   •   February 26, 2016

If your company is looking to explore the Latin American online market, this is a good place to start. Getting information about the prospects is as vital as calling the right branding and media company who not only speaks the language but understand the culture and its idiosyncrasy.

Here is a fantastic Infographic with data you never thought about.

1- Who are the LATAM Consumers and how many

2- Learn how people in Latin America use their time online

3- How much do they expend online

4- What devices do they use and how much is spent in advertisin


Latin American’s online behavior is evolving and constantly changing. It’s important to take into consideration cultural differences when it comes to targeted digital campaigns. Listen and identify the unique wants and needs of this valuable demographic. At 3DUS we are a blend of North and South America people , yet we all speak the same language, excellence and a passionate obsession for doing it right.


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