The ultimate virtual reality experience for Luxury Hospitality

Discover how the metaverse is adding value to the hospitality industry.
Allow your guests to experience the differentiators before booking by implementing HVE.

HVE is a proprietary bespoke service created by 3DUS for the Luxury Hotel Industry. HVE is the future of Hospitality Virtual Reality and the gate to the metaverse. HVE is constantly upgrading as we progress on human digital experiences and AI evolution.

Using emerging VR tools and pixel streaming technology, we build a digital twin of your hotel property and activate immersive and interactive experiences tailored to your brand. One-click of a button will allow your guests to travel into the heart of your property and significantly impact how they already enjoy the hospitality before they arrive.

Let’s chat and learn how we can combine your brand vision with our digital craftsmanship into something extraordinary that will keep your guest in awe.

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