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3DUS has built a solid reputation for our visualization and architectural presentation capabilities and over the years we have been complementing our work with powerful graphics and building many brands from the ground up. With the addition of Carl Cox to lead our Strategic Brand Development efforts, we officially commit to providing full-service, strategic branding offerings to this division. We’ve setup a team with comprehensive experience, proven excellence, and the hands-on approach necessary to help businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals…by going beyond the expected. We can proudly say that 3DUS is a one-stop shop for your strategic branding and marketing needs.

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Case Studies

Keller Williams Recruitment Book

Real Estate company Keller Williams commissioned 3DUS to design their new and first-ever recruitment book. The challenge was to create a well-branded piece inclusive of a series of documents, forms, and articles that were previously photocopied and did not represent the firm very well. The result was outstanding. The book not only looked beautiful and professional, but was well organized and elevated the recruiting efforts of new agents overall. The effort resulted in doubling the number of candidates every month compared to prior months. The book rapidly garnered the attention of other offices and become the preferred recruiting book for Keller Williams nationwide.

West Village Grand Cayman

West Village is an innovative, luxury residential and commercial project in the Cayman Islands. 1503 Development group commissioned 3DUS to design the logo, brand guidelines, and marketing collateral to help with pre-construction sales. In addition, 3DUS created 3D visualizations and an interactive sales application. The website and marketing collateral materials were created in different phases of the launch of this successful project.

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