A Gem in Big Sky, Montana

3DUS News   •   October 9, 2017

Juan Luque

Senior Creative Director. Helping the building & manufacturing industries by providing visualization, brand strategy and design solutions.

A bespoke mountain retreat. Lot 49 is exclusive in all respects. A ski home that is specifically designed with family, memories, and magic in mind.

When architect Carl Erickson at Zabala Erickson, LLC a few months ago approached us in the International Building Show in Orlando and showed us this fantastic project, we didn’t imagine we will come this far today. At first, we were blown away by the level of details we found on the set of drawings he presented to us, I have been in this industry for more than 20 years and I don’t remember an architect been so detailed and precise in his drawings. The entire residence was drafted, inside and out. This was a great challenge for us and we are game for challenges.

The proposal was to create a series of 3d still renderings and animation that will show two different phases of the project. The first phase will show the residence before the interior design, allowing the architect and developer to use the imagery to refine the design even further, adjust finishes and hopefully inspire the interior designer to create the perfect concoction. In the second phase, the interior design portion will be added to create a strong marketing package for the lucky family who will buy this residence before is built.

With great passion, Carl explained to us the project: ” The site has breathtaking views and immediate ski-in-ski-out access are intimately intertwined with both the overall design of the home as well as the elements of the interior. The house will boost dramatic fanciful timber trusses, a two and a half story library wall, secret rooms for the family explorers to discover, a naturalist hall, and magnificent wine room”.

We researched materials, textures, and finishes that were very specific for this residence. We made an exhaustive study of the site and its topography, views, and aspects of each season. The landscape design was provided by the architect as well and we follow the specification very close.

The builder and developer, Continental Construction was overlooking the project and facilitating us with site videos, imagery, and much-appreciated enthusiasm. After a couple of round of revisions, we presented a collection of 3D images from the interior and exterior in summer and winter, at day and night time. The result speak for themselves.

We are sharing the first phase of this project where you can see just a few examples of the delights that await to the family lucky enough to call this exquisitely crafted house their winter home.

Tank you for reading!

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