St. Regis Chicago Arrival Scene. CGI by 3DUS

3DUS Visualization and Design Studio’s Pivotal Role in The St. Regis Chicago Project

3DUS News   •   September 29, 2023

In a city renowned for its architectural marvels, The St. Regis Chicago rises as a crown jewel, beautifully designed by Jeanne Gang and her adept team at Studio Gang Architects. Towering as the tallest building globally designed by a woman, The St. Regis Chicago is not only redefining the city’s skyline but also setting a new standard for luxury and elegance. Beyond the panoramic vistas, the hotel offers a luxurious experience within its walls. The suites, including a spectacular 4,600-square-foot Presidential Suite, epitomize opulence, complemented by devoted butler service, ensuring an unparalleled guest experience.

Chicago New Skyline

In this grand endeavor, 3DUS Visualization and Design Studio had the honor of playing a significant role. Entrusted with the task of creating 3D photorealistic renderings for the common areas, pool, spa, and suites, along with 3D floor plans, the team at 3DUS diligently worked to ensure every visual aspect resonated with the grandeur that The St. Regis Chicago embodies.

The St. Regis Chicago Lobby – CGI by 3DUS

Challenges and Triumphs

The journey wasn’t without its trials. The project’s magnitude and the collaboration with multiple teams presented a complex mosaic of challenges. The 3DUS team was working against the clock, needing to adapt to the dynamic pace of construction progression. Last-minute changes, often an inherent part of large-scale construction projects, added another layer of complexity.

Working cohesively with various teams, 3DUS effectively navigated through these challenges, demonstrating flexibility, expertise, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. The ability to swiftly adapt to alterations, while maintaining attention to detail and accuracy, ensured the seamless integration of the visual renderings with the project’s evolving realities.

St. Regis Chicago Pool. CGI by 3DUS

Beyond Visualization

The visual renderings for the common areas, pool, spa, and suites brought to life the envisioned opulence of The St. Regis Chicago. These high-definition, photo-realistic renderings allowed stakeholders to visualize the completed spaces in extraordinary detail, contributing significantly to the project’s overall success.

3DUS’s contribution extended beyond mere visual representations. By creating detailed 3D floor plans, they provided a clear, comprehensive view of the spatial layouts, allowing for efficient planning and utilization of space, facilitating better decision-making, and potentially avoiding costly alterations down the line.

St. Regis Chicago – John Jacob Astor Suite. CGI by 3DUS

St. Regis Chicago – John Jacob Astor Suite. 3d Floor Plan by 3DUS

In conclusion, the participation of 3DUS Visualization and Design Studio in The St. Regis Chicago project exemplifies the significant impact of expert visualization and design on the successful completion of large-scale architectural endeavors. Despite the project’s colossal scale and accompanying challenges, the commitment, adaptability, and proficiency demonstrated by 3DUS contributed substantially to realizing the vision of luxury and excellence that defines The St. Regis Chicago.

St. Regis Chicago. Double Queen Guest Room. CGI by 3DUS

St. Regis Chicago, Caroline Astor Suite. CGI by 3DUS

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